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Annapurna  Round Trekking (Paul)

Annapurna Round Trekking (Paul)

I was recommended to Birendra and his trekking company Visit Nepal-Tibet Treks and Expedition from a friend in Los Angeles. They have been friends for years and he was a guide to my friend at that time. Birendra set me up with a guide by the name of Sunil, who quickly became my friend. I went on the Annapurna Round Trek and spent 17 days on the trail. It was an absolutely wonderful experience and I owe much of that to having a great guide who took the time to explain about the culture and ways of Nepali life and looking out for small experiences for me to enjoy that I would have otherwise missed. I also had a small dose of altitude sickness which he read well and handled perfectly. Nepal is about seeing the wonderful nature, but it is as much about being with the people. I look forward to coming back. Thanks Birendra! Have a great New Year and all the best Birendra!

Paul Millspaugh