Free visas for Chinese Tourists coming to Nepal

Free visas for Chinese Tourists coming to Nepal

The Government of Nepal has started granting free visas to the Chinese Nationals, which presume that the flow of Chinese tourists will increase rapidly in Nepal.
Nepal’s consulate general in Lhasa of China has formally started granting free visas to the Chinese Nationals.

Recently the Nepal Government has decided to waive visa fees for the Chinese Nationals. Since the promulgation of this rule the Chinese tourists can get free visas from the embassy in Beijing, and the consulate office in Lhasa, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Nepal Government will provide 15, 30 and 90 days visas to the Chinese tourists. China is the Nepal’s second largest inbound tourist destination. In 2014 total tourists entering to Nepal were 790,118 out of which 123,805 were Chinese only.

“The Government has targeted to bring 250,000 Chinese tourists in Nepal in 2016. Due to the promulgation of free visa the tourists traveling in Nepal from China will surely increase,” said tourism secretary Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya.

Recently the large number of Chinese tourists has been visiting different parts of the world. ‘China is the country that has been sending the largest number of tourists to the other countries -’ spokesman from the tourism ministry Ghanashayam Upadhyaya told. ‘If we manage to welcome only a fraction of Chinese outbound visitors to travel to Nepal, it will be a great achievement for Nepali tourism industry.’

Chinese tourists can come to Nepal all round the year. That’s the reason the Government is also giving priority to the Chinese tourists. Only from the last year Nepal Government has started giving on-arrival visas to the Chinese tourists.

For giving pace to the slowed down tourism due to earthquake, strikes and blockade the government have started giving free visas to the Chinese Nationals. Nepal has not been charging visa fess for the people from the SAARC countries as well.

‘The waiving of visa fee will make the Chinese tourists to keep Nepal on their priority – ‘spokesman Upadhaya said. ‘This will give the positive message, the tourism entrepreneurs are also excited about this.’

‘To promote tourism by giving free visas, we are planning to open the offices in other major cities of China as well – ‘Tourism Secretary Thapaliya spoked. Nowadays Chinese Tourists can get Nepal visa from Beijing, Lhasa, Shanghai and Hong Kong only.

Recently Nepal is going to open its consulate office in Guangzhou and slowly in other major cities as well.

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