Myth vs Reality

Myth vs Reality

Did you know Nepal is just the 95th largest country in the world but the 45th most populous? Or that it is the largest exporter of black cardamom in the world? Or that over 326 Nepali mountains are open for climbing, out of which 112 haven’t been climbed yet?

These are just some ‘facts’ about Nepal that FACT Nepal, an independent research and analytic service-provider, has compiled into a neat, little video, titled ‘Facts about Nepal: Myth vs Reality’, that aims to dispel commonly-held notions of Nepal as a poor country, politically unstable and devastated by the recent April earthquake. The video clarifies just how much Nepal has to offer for visitors, with incredible mountains, breathtaking landscapes, and a variety of activities to indulge in. The video is impeccably produced, with crisp visuals and an engaging soundtrack. It touches on various topics that are close to Nepalis, including religion, art and more recently, sports.

FACT Nepal’s stated goal “is to improve the quality and reliability of data available in Nepal and to provide dependable foundations for decision-making…” This video aims to do just that, correcting easy opinions with hard facts that paint a fuller, cliché-free picture of Nepal.

Find the video below.

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